Choices based on hope

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." --Nelson Mandela

This one can be quite revolutionary, actually. I'll give you an example from my own life. I've always wanted to have a book published. Always. I've also been told countless times that it's really, really, really difficult to have a book published.


First, of course, you have to be willing and ready to write a book. And, if you were wondering, that is a lot of work. Then, you have to attract an agent. And, agents get thousands of submissions a year so it's a big challenge to stand out--especially as an unknown first-time author. Then, the agent sets out to find you a publisher and guess what publishers get? Thousands upon thousands of pitches from both agents and writers. They choose the pitches that interest them the most and ask for the full proposal which, by the way, is about 40 pages long and acts as a sales document for the book. If you are lucky enough to get a deal with a publisher, you then have to deliver the manuscript knowing that the publisher now owns your idea and could decide to cancel at any moment. Yep, they can pretty much dash your dreams if they end up deciding it's not worth the financial risk.


So, why would anyone even try to navigate this risky and perilous journey? Why would anyone set out to conquer any risky and perilous journey? Because the final result is worth it. Because when you reach the end, it feels mighty fine.


And, how do you continue to move forward? Luckily, that part is pretty easy. You simply make your choices based not on the fear that could easily stop you at any given moment but on your hopes.  


Tomorrow is a new day

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." --Eleanor Roosevelt

Lately, my days go by at a pace I can't quite wrap my mind around. I send my kids off to school on Monday mornings and, before I know it, they are wrapping up another school week which is followed by a weekend that feels like it lasts mere moments. It's mind boggling, really.

he promise of tomorrow, though, brings me great comfort--especially because every day there are things I mean to do that I just don't get to. But, with tomorrow comes the possibility that I'll do better. That I'll know better. That I'll be better.

Today is for living. Tomorrow is for all of the amazing opportunities that just won't fit in today.

Today is the only day

"It's only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis." --Margaret Bonnano

Today is all we have, after all.
And, it's a shorter one thanks to Daylight Saving Time  so you'd better get to work living it and loving it. What will bring you happiness today? 


Do nothing and then rest

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward. --Spanish Proverb

When your laptop is on the fritz for over a week and then your cell phone suddenly dies, it might be the universe telling you to step away, to do nothing--because what, after all, is there to do when you don't have access to emails, Facebook and the web? (I'm being sarcastic here.)


I've been contemplating this idea of rest and relaxation a lot lately. I take time to read and watch TV but I've noticed that those things have started feeling like to-dos. Getting through my DVR and reading my stack of magazines and books have been lumped in to the category of things I need to do if I'm going to have any hope of keeping my head above water. I've even started spending 5-10 minutes meditating but I notice myself peeking at the clock to see if time is up yet. Ridiculous, I know!


So, here's a challenge for you (and me). If your days feel like a long list of to-dos and the time that you take for yourself isn't making you feel rested, rejuvenated, and/or relaxed, fix it. That will mean different things to different people so I can't tell you exactly how to fix it but fix it you must.  


Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury and, (here's a hint) most likely the solution is as simple as a shift in your mindset. A friend helped me realize that changing the expectations I have for myself is my fix. What's yours?  




New way of seeing

"...sometimes when you are lost for direction, you are open to a new way of seeing." --Lauren Lola

I often have people tell me that they want to change some aspect of their life but they are completely unsure of how to go about it.

That's a tough one, right? You feel stuck. You're scared of giving up what you know. And, what if you try something that doesn't work out?

When I have clients who are trying really hard to find a solution or make a choice, I actually ask them to take a break from needing to know. It seems counter intuitive, but more often than not, taking a step away from the issue will get you the answer you're looking for sooner and with much more ease. In fact, often a new possibility will appear or a change of perspective will make things more clear.

If you happen to be in this spot right now, step away from the struggle for a few days. Give yourself a little vacation from needing to know. And, trust that you will eventually know--just not right this second.

If you don't get clarity, you can always go back to the worry and the struggle. For now, take a break. Do something you love. Spend time with people you love. Live today and trust in tomorrow.