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Your life is largely a reflection of the choices you've made. To me, this is the ultimate in good news because it means you can design how you want your future to look.

January is a popular time for resolutions, and studies prove that you really are more likely to reach your goals if you make them. The trick with resolutions, though, is to borrow/adapt from the SMART model used in the business world. For the best chance of success, resolutions should be:

--specific (do you want to eat only one treat a day or have wine only on weekends)
--measurable (it's great if you can count things; people love to count things)
--achievable (to assess, decide which criteria will let you know you're "there")
--realistic (be reasonable; if you eat out every night, cut back to 4 nights to start)
--time-related (it takes 30ish days to form a new habit so commit to at least that)

And, if making a resolution using SMART seems hard, just do what I do. Resolve to make mostly good choices sprinkled with a few harmless, not-as-good choices (hello, Candy Crush) and trust that small changes over time will have a huge impact on your life.

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